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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Choosing the right auto insurance policy can be challenging. We make it as easy as possible with fast online quotes to get you the insurance discounts you need to get the lowest premium possible. Pipeline Insurance Services allows you to compare options and customize your coverage to best fit your needs.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto Insurance Coverage Options

We offer many coverage options to allow you to customize your policy to suit your needs and budget.

  • Liability Coverage—pays damages due to bodily injury as well as property damage to others when you are responsible for the accident. It will also pay defense and court costs if you are sued, including medical expenses and lost wages.
  • Medical Payments Coverage— is not usually required, but it is important because it pays reasonable, necessary medical and funeral expenses if you are injured in an accident.
  • Collision Coverage—pays for damage caused by collision with another vehicle or object or a rollover.
  • Comprehensive Coverage— pays for damage not caused by collision, including fire, wind, flood, vandalism, theft, and hail or hitting an animal.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage— protects you if you are hit by someone driving without liability insurance.
Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Auto Insurance Discounts

We will work hard to help you choose the right coverage at the best price, and our insurance providers offer many discounts to keep your premium as low as possible. Whether you have an accident-free driving record or you want a discount for having several insurance lines, find out how we can help you save money.

  • Good Student Discount— lets you save up to 25% if you are in college and get good grades.
  • Multiple Line Discount—lets you save up to 17% if you have renters, homeowners or life insurance as well.
  • Multiple Auto Discount— lets you save up to 20% if you have 2 or more vehicles in the household on the same policy.
  • Good Driving Discount— lets you save up to 10% if you have gone 3 years without an at-fault accident or moving violation.

Our providers can also offer discounts for having safety features installed in your vehicle, taking driver's education or defensive driving courses and much more!

Good Student Discount

Keeping Your Auto Insurance Premiums Low

Riverside County insurance premiums are among the highest in the United States, with average annual premiums of more than $3,000, compared to the California average of less than $1,800.

This means that the occurrence, frequency or potential for theft or accident can impact your ability to get affordable car insurance. You can help keep your insurance premiums low by being a safe driver, wearing your seat belt and equipping your vehicle with airbags and other safety features. Driving courses can also earn you discounts on car insurance! Keeping your driving record clear of accidents and avoiding lapses or cancellations of your car insurance will allow your premiums to decrease over time.

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Get a free quote today from Pipeline Insurance Services. We will give you competitive quotes you can compare from top insurance providers so you can get the best auto insurance rate. This is especially important if you have had your vehicle or the same insurance for some time. If your current insurer does not want to give you the best insurance deal there is, think about changing to one of the excellent insurance agencies who provided you a quote through Pipeline Insurance.

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