Equine Insurance
Equine Insurance

Equine Insurance

At Pipeline Insurance, we know horses and equine insurance. We strive to provide you with the best insurance to protect your horses, business and farm.

Mortality Coverage

Equine mortality coverage insures you against the financial loss of the death of a covered horse. This type of horse insurance coverage covers the death of an animal due to injury, sickness, disease or accident, while also providing coverage if the animal must be destroyed for humane reasons, including to alleviate incurable and excessive suffering due to insured peril, as long as the insurance company agrees to the destruction.

Equine Mortality Coverage

There are exclusions to this type of insurance. Minor injuries, failure to perform duties for the horse and depreciation value are not covered. The policy cannot cover the death of an animal used for a purpose other than those stated in the application.

Commercial Package Policy

Loss of Use

This type of coverage allows you to make a claim if the horse becomes completely and permanently unfit to perform its first use specified in the policy. The condition may be the result of illness, disease, injury, accident or humane destruction.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

A Commercial Package Policy or Farm Owners policy can provide coverage for property, general liability and vehicles. This type of insurance can cover permanent structures used in connection with your horse business, including stables, sheds, bullpens and employee dwellings. Business personal property can also be included, including hay and grain, farm tools, livestock, tack equipment and more on a named peril or all-risk basis.

Farm Owners Policy

Equine Liability Coverage

This type of coverage, also known as Care, Custody and Control coverage, is important if you board, train or breed horses for other people. If one of the horses is hurt or dies while in your care and you are found to be negligent, the policy will cover medical care or replacement of the horse, as well as defense costs. This type of policy typically must be added separately from a commercial policy.

You can also purchase liability coverage as a personal horse owner. This policy will protect you if one of your horses injures someone who causes damage to someone else's property and you are found to be responsible.

Horse Insurance

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Whether you own horses for personal use and enjoyment or you operate a horse-related business, Pipeline Insurance offers many types of equine insurance policies to keep you protected. Request a free quote for horse insurance today and learn more about the various types of coverage you can choose.

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