Farm Package Insurance
Farm Package Insurance

Farm Package Insurance

A farm package insurance policy from Pipeline Insurance helps protect your horse farm, home, buildings, equine mortality and much more. This comprehensive farm coverage also offers liability coverage for both on and off premises horse operations, including breeding, racing, horse shows and boarding.

Farm Coverage Options

Your Farm Package Policy will likely include three basic types of coverage: farm or commercial liability insurance, property coverage for your home, barn and other buildings, and farm equipment coverage.

Farm Package Policy

You can also choose to add additional farm coverage options such as:

  • Equipment Breakdown coverage
  • Spoilage coverage
  • Equine mortality coverage protects you against the financial loss of the death of a covered horse
  • Loss of Use allows you to claim horses or livestock if they become completely and permanently unfit to perform their first use in the policy
Farm Liability Insurance

Farm Liability

Farm liability insurance is an important part of farm insurance. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen to anyone and a visitor, vendor, customer or anyone else who comes onto your property can get hurt.

Farm liability insurance protects you against liability lawsuits while covering your farm, business, personal and auto exposures. Your assets can be protected against lawsuits, which can easily cost hundreds of thousands or millions, whether they are bodily injury or property damage claims.

Farm Insurance

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Running a farm is hard work, but it should not be made harder with unnecessary risk. Protect your investment and your business with a comprehensive Farm Package Insurance policy from Pipeline Insurance Services. Contact an insurance specialist today for craft a tailored policy that gives your farm the coverage it needs!

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