Inland Marine Insurance
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Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine insurance is designed to protect your equipment and products, which are the backbone of your company's success. From construction equipment and storage items to hauled and transported goods and equipment, we will help you protect your investment. Inland Marine coverage will help you avoid costly damages if you suffer from vandalism, theft, an accident or total loss.

Do not be fooled by the name "inland marine," as it is left over from the earlier part of the 20th century when insurance regulations were different and marine insurance specialized in covering in-transit risks. Inland Marine insurance is not just for boats, but for all types of goods and equipment on the move.

Business Transit Insurance

To ensure your policy covers you fully when your business is on the move, an Inland Marine policy can cover:

  • Contractor's tools
  • Computer equipment and data
  • Artwork and tools/equipment
  • Transported property
  • Motor Truck Cargo (goods being carried by an insured trucker)
  • Transportation Form (which covers goods shipped by or to your business by a common carrier)
  • Vending Machine Form (covers vending machines)
  • Coverage for servicing contractors and installers (including appliances, flooring and plumbers), veterinarians and pet groomers
Inland Marine Insurance

Buildings under Construction

Accidents can happen at any time, regardless of your industry. This is why an Inland Marine policy is so important. Your policy will cover items outside of a standard Business Property Insurance policy, which gives you the extra coverage for your equipment off-site. Your coverage can even extend to protect equipment that is being transported by air or ocean.

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A Business Property Insurance policy will likely not cover your goods and equipment in transport or off-site. Make sure your business is protected from what life can throw at you by requesting a free Inland Marine Insurance quote from Pipeline Insurance Services.

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