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Manufacturer Insurance

At Pipeline Insurance, we know that business owners and manufacturers have a lot to worry about, including material deliveries, product shipments and keeping the production cycle profitable. To make sure your business is protected from the risks it faces, we offer tailored Manufacturing Insurance options with specialty coverage. From product recalls to equipment breakdown and customer claims, you need to know you have the coverage to face the challenges of a manufacturer.

Common Manufacturing Insurance Coverage

Which every business is different with its own risks, the following coverage options are the most common and important for manufacturers.

Manufacturer Liability Insurance

Business Property Insurance

This form of coverage protects your manufacturing business from fire, weather damage and more. It covers your business location, inventory and valuable equipment so you can focus on what matters.

Business Liability Insurance

Serious accidents can happen at any time and they can be financially devastating to a manufacturing business. We offer liability coverage to protect you if a customer is injured by a service or product.

Manufacturing Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Your manufacturing business is required by law to cover employee-related medical costs due to job-related accidents, injuries and illnesses..Workers compensation coverage offers benefits to your employees in the form of medical cost reimbursement and partial lost wages benefits while also protecting your business.

Business Owners Policy

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) offers many protections for manufacturers in a single, affordable policy. This includes general liability insurance, or GL insurance, which protects your business against lawsuits and liabilities due to building damage, accidents and many other business-related risks.

Manufacturer Insurance

Manufacturers Insurance for Vehicles

We offer customized auto insurance policies for manufacturing vehicles used in delivery and other business-related activities. Our tailored policies cover trucks, tow trucks, vans, pickup trucks, gooseneck trailers and more.

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Is your manufacturing business protected against the unforeseeable? What happens if a customer is hurt using a product you made? What if a business vehicle is totaled by an uninsured motorist? What if an employee is hurt on the job, or your equipment breaks down? Pipeline Insurance offers tailored, affordable business insurance policies to give you the coverage you need while facing the many challenges of the manufacturing industry. Contact us today for competitive manufacturer’s insurance quotes to get the coverage you need at an affordable price.

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