Motorhome Insurance
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Motorhome Insurance

As a motorhome owner, you enjoy the best of both worlds with the freedom of the open road and the amenities of home. Just like your home, your RV is also a major investment that needs to be protected. Pipeline Insurance offers affordable motorhome insurance to ensure that you, your passengers and your belongings are covered when you hit the road.

RV insurance is unique because it looks at your RV more closely than a standard auto policy and it considers other options to give you the coverage you need. Your RV needs a more comprehensive insurance policy than your vehicle because it is more intricate and may be a temporary home as well as a vehicle.

Full Timers Insurance
Types of Motorhomes We Cover

Our carriers can offer a customized policy for many types of recreational vehicles, including:

  • Fifth Wheel Insurance
  • Travel Trailer Insurance
  • Truck Camper Insurance
  • Pop-Up Trailer Insurance
  • Class A RV Insurance
  • Class B RV Insurance
  • Class C RV Insurance
RV Insurance

RV Insurance Coverage Options

Pipeline Insurance Services will help you choose the coverage options to customize your motorhome insurance policy to fit your needs as well as your budget.

  • Collision Coverage will cover damage to your RV when you are involved in an accident with another vehicle.
  • Liability Coverage is required by law in California and pays for property damage and bodily injury that you cause to others when you are involved in an accident. This coverage option does not cover you or your RV.
  • Accessories Coverage covers your satellite dishes, antennas, awnings and other attached accessories, which are commonly damaged.
  • Personal Items Replacement covers your personal items in the RV, including cameras, tools and more.
  • Full-Timer Coverage works like a homeowner’s policy. This motorhome comprehensive insurance option includes personal liability coverage, unlike auto policies.
  • Total Loss Replacement will get you a brand-new RV is your RV is destroyed within its first 5 model years. This type of coverage protects your investment against depreciation.
Motorhome Insurance

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You have invested a lot in your RV, so it only makes sense to get a comprehensive RV insurance policy rather than relying on an auto policy that does not provide the type of coverage you need. An auto insurance policy will not give you personal liability coverage or cover your personal items or accessories, among other things.

Pipeline Insurance Services will help you craft a customized motorhome insurance policy that fits the type of RV you have as well as your needs and how you use your RV. Contact Pipeline Insurance today for free RV insurance quotes to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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